Tuesday, December 27, 2011


My friend Jenn and I worked together on Christmas gifts for each of our girls this year (she has two, I have two). Actually, her part was more involved than mine because she made these amazing dolls and I just made the clothes!
Aren't these amazing????  Natalie had spotted this pattern online once while I was browsing and I already had this pattern and had been wanting to make it for Layla for awhile.  My to-do list was so crazy long before Christmas, though, that I knew I wouldn't have time. SO, Jenn said she'd make the dolls if I'd make the clothes for her girls and mine and since I love making cute little doll clothes, I agreed!

Natalie's doll in the Raggedy Ann pattern, but with brown hair to match her own:
And Layla's is this one, although, you'll notice Jenn used the hair idea from the above pattern to add hair to this baby doll so she looks like more of a kid doll. Brilliant!
I'm thinking maybe the pets and some more clothes for birthdays this year would by fun! 

The girls really like these. Natalie said it was her favorite present and they both brought their dolls to church on Sunday. Thanks, Jenn :)


  1. TO CUTE! I will have to get those patterns and make a few when Rebecca gits bigger.

  2. These are amazing! My jaw has dropped!

  3. Yay!!! I love that they love their dolls. They were made with love from their Auntie Jenn... The clothes are a BIG hit at my house. My girlies keep borrowing the other's clothes :)