Monday, December 12, 2011

Home Again!

We spent last week in Washington state with my sister and bro-in-law, their five kiddos and my parents. It was SO much fun and, as it turns out, just what we needed. This was our first major road trip with three kids and it went surprising well. We spent 7 nights in a hotel room and that went well too! But, what makes vacations even better, is that it's always so nice to come home. After a week away, I am re-inspired in so many ways.

I'll have plenty to share in the coming days, but for now, until I get my pictures straightened out and stuff, I'll leave you with this:

Ah, the strange things you see at gas stations in the Middle-of-Nowhere, Wyoming. Does anyone else feel like Wyoming is pretty much ALL the middle of nowhere??? Just me????


  1. I always think, people who think the world is over populated never drove through Wyoming. One other thing, some people say it only snows once a year in Wyoming, the rest of the time it's just blowing the same snow around.

  2. Is that a Llama groomed like a poodle?