Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Can you guess what I did last night?

That's right, it was a wrapping frenzy. I've never minded the gift wrapping, I actually really like doing it. And I'm still drooling over this great wrapping paper I got a Hobby Lobby :) Half off, too! Casey's still trying to teach me to wrap gifts perfectly, with perfect corners and no bubbles on the bottom. I'm getting better, but just like he learned from his mother (another perfect gift-wrapper,) I learned from mine, who used a glue gun whenever she could get away with it. Done is better than perfect, right mom? :)


  1. Holy Cow! Your mom used a glue gun to wrap gifts? How hilarious!!

    When I first saw the picture of your gifts, I thought that you had used fabric to wrap them. They look really good. I LOVE gift wrapping. If I could find a job where all I did was wrap gifts, I'd grab it in a minute!

    Actually, when you think of it...fabric is a great thing to use for wrapping. And very "green"! hhhmmmm.......

  2. I love your little tree, it's so cu-ooot! I meant to post that the crayon idea is fabulous, perfect for those broken pieces :o) I have making tea towels and they are FUN! REALLY FUN! I'm going to make several and make a trivet to go with each one for Christmas. Thankyou for keeping up with your blog, I love reading it and getting more crafty inspiration PLUS the kids are darling, Amie in Tn. :oD

  3. a glue gun...pretty creative if you ask me. better than duct tape!

  4. a glue gun? That's hilarious! Your color scheme and patterns look so fun!