Saturday, August 2, 2008

Getting Better

Here is my second embroidery project. It's a tag for my Quirky Boxes quilt and I think it looks quite a bit improved from my first one. I learned a French knot, a chain stitch and a split stitch. I'm coming along!

I also finished my quilt top yesterday, but it's absolutely huge so Casey has to help me and hold it over the stair banister so I can get a picture of the whole thing. Sadly, it now has to go on hold like my color wheel quilt because i have no funds for batting. *sigh* I do have a plan for piecing the backing together though. It's amazing how resourceful we always-broke sewers can be, huh? And, I kept a couple of the leftover little hourglass pieces because I want to embroider the tag right onto one of those. I can't wait to finish! In the meantime, embroidery is a seriously cheap hobby, I'm talkin' like spare change cheap, so I'll be playing some more with that this weekend.


  1. I love this! I don't know what it is about embroidery, but I just love it.

  2. Your tag looks GREAT. I love the colors. There's something so special about doing things by hand. Now I may have to try to embroider a tag. Your other quilt to top is gorgeous. Keep saving the Dave Ramsey way that you already do, and having money for batting won't be an issue for too long-I promise! Have a great week!

  3. this tag looks awesome! I've always wanted to try an embroidered tag for a quilt but by the time I remember to do it, I'm too lazy to make time!