Friday, March 27, 2015

new tops, new camera

Hello, lovelies! I had a busy week, but what else is new? Haha.

I'm just gonna get right to the sewing :)

I really love Fabletics. They have great quality athletic wear and while the prices are decent, they're not low enough for me to flood my wardrobe with the stuff, if ya know what I mean. I had my eye on a drapefront sleeveless knit top. I came super close to ordering it, when I remembered I had a pattern just like it! AND I had just been gifted the perfect fabric to make it with. The pattern is Simplicity 1588, View A, which is not styled well on the envelope at all.

Here is my first copycat, which you already saw if you follow me on Instagram. (I'm into watching Murdoch Mysteries while I sew. I recommend it :)
And while I had the pattern out, I went ahead and made another one! I wore it for yoga that day (I do yoga at home, I really love Yoga with Adriene, she's my favorite,) hence the yoga pants. It stays put on my hips, even in downward dog :)

 Okay, prepare for an onslaught of unrelated photos, because I was GIFTED a new camera and just cannot get enough of it!! My D90 was damaged in the last move and while my little D50 was getting the job done, this D200 just blows both those out of the water and I am just floored that it's mine and by the generosity of my lovely friend!!!!

We are doggie sitting again. We love this dog. Seriously.

Red hair don't care. #gingerproblems

 Cardinals on my lanai! 
 Diffusing doTERRA cleansing blend with Grapefruit because big dogs stink, haha. This completely gets rid of any smell, even if you've been cooking bacon. Or something with fish sauce. I think it's cool how the camera captured the mist!
 A bee on my cucumber plant.

 This never gets old.
I am already having so much fun with the new camera, it's going to make my life and my blogging a whole lot more fun ;)


  1. Super cute and what a sleeper pattern!

  2. I like your pattern/tops better than the one at Fabletics. They both look very nice on you. Nice pictures!!!!

  3. The new tops look great on're looking very fit!


  4. All the pictures are AWESOME of course!!!