Thursday, September 18, 2014

two tops

I have two recently made shirts to show you! Awhile ago had a big cotton sale and I payed a crazy low amount for some cottons.

I wanted loose tops to fit my lifestyle and the climate here. Anything clingy just becomes pretty miserable when it's hot and humid. Once you get sweaty in a clingy shirt, you just can't be comfortable, lol.

The first is McCall's 6512:

I was concerned that it would be too baggy, but I made a muslin and decided I liked it. I did something different with the sleeves because I wasn't liking the bunched up into a tab look. I took a larger hem and then added a pleat with a button to each sleeve. Worked just fine. I didn't bother making button holes, I just sewed the buttons through both plackets, as I don't intend to wear this unbuttoned. 

Side note, I'm not sure what's up with my camera, but I am having a really hard time getting good colors out of it lately, especially with my 50mm lens. The camera body got a little damaged sometime during the move and I'm wondering if a good cleaning of my camera and lenses is in order. I really prefer not to have to do a ton of post-editing because if my colors aren't right to begin with, I have a hard time editing them to be any better. 

Anywaaaaaay, next up is Simplicity 1430:
I really, really like this one!! (See, colors again, not great). This is a really pretty cotton gauze. There's a longer dress version of this pattern that I think I'd like to use for a really soft purple linen in my stash!

There! I blogged two shirts I've been wanting to share, even though my pics are not very good, I had to crop the goofy look on my face out of the first one, my shorts are too big and my pose in the last pic is frumpy, hahaha! Done is better than perfect. Who's with me? #notPinterestperfect ;)

Next up a baby Elsa dress for a friend! It's gonna be soooooo cuuuuute!!!!


  1. Cute tops! I like the second one a lot!

  2. I like your tops, too! I live in Texas, and where you live certainly does affect what you wear. I don't think climate gets enough credit on sewing blogs;)

    1. Yes, so true! The Fall pattern lines coming out, while still exciting, pretty much mean nothing to me here in Hawaii, haha.

  3. I just bought that McCalls pattern for a dollar! I love your version and the other one, too.. I'm making it in white linen. Not a good idea with a messy 5 year old but oh well!

  4. Both lovely, but the first is my favourite. Yes, dressing for climate is the sensible way to sew :)

  5. Both are nice and I think your pictures are just fine!

  6. I especially love the rich blue background of the second top :) And yay for sewing things you'll wear a lot!

  7. Thanks for sharing your Not Pinterest Perfect photos!!!! We don't want to miss any of your sewing creations!