Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I sewed!

A few evenings ago, I ditched all the other move-in work to be done and determined to get my sewing room in order. Because Casey was playing Super Mario with the kids (quality time, don't tell me it isn't!) and I knew I could have some time up there alone. Casey was insistent when we accepted this house and got the floor plan that the girls would share a room so that I could have a sewing room. I'm so glad we went that route! The girls have a huge bedroom, more than enough space to share and I have a place to spread out and sew, hooray!

I opened my machine and realized it was broken :-/ But, don't worry! It was only the thread holder bracket that broke and I promptly found one online and ordered it, paying a little extra for faster shipping, because this is Hawaii and mail can be super slow.

But, I couldn't wait. I needed some sewing therapy and I had some beautiful knits my friend Jenn had iPhone shopped with me for before we moved. I rigged my machine with some elastic headbands to hold the thread holder on. I cut this dress out and sewed it up in short spurts over the next few days. It felt so good to make something!!!!

It's New Look 6210 and I will definitely be using it again.
 Just for grins, here's a photo of my rigged machine. So glad the damage wasn't worse, despite the movers using no packing materials inside it's case!!! Grrrrr. And this is why it got a front seat spot in our last move ;) Oh, it's also funny enough to tell you that all the sewing boxes in this move were labeled, "kniting materials". Not knitting. Kniting. Ha!


  1. I wanna be knited! ;)

    That dress is cute!! Last summer when we moved I totally transported my serger and sewing machine in the car with me. I get for a long distance move that's not optional but still. I feel your pain!!!

  2. I love that dress. I have never worked with knits but I might start with something like that one.

    Good for you taking time out do do that. It is a hard decision to make when there are so many other things going on.

  3. Your dress is simple, but cute! I am glad you sewed something!

  4. You got to sew! Ahhh, the world is a prettier place now. Did you do the racer back? I'm betting you did, but I could be wrong. :o)

    1. Hehe, you know me pretty well, I did do the racerback, I love me a good racerback! In my opinion, a good racerback bra is a must for any woman ;) I love the Wacoal brand at Dillard's. Not that you asked, hahahaha!

  5. Love the dress! There is a commercial that runs on tv here that mentions something about knitting....except the lady is crocheting! Drives me nuts!