Monday, April 28, 2014


Two weeks left! The hotel life just started really getting to me yesterday. It took Casey half that long, haha. We're ready to get into our house, we have some good ideas for it and for our outdoor spaces and we're eager to get started! And to spread out, I'm not gonna lie. I am praying daily, though, that my own actions and attitude would remain outwardly joyful, even if my inward feelings vary, because we all know how Mom's mood sets the tone for the rest of the family, don't we??

So, while I'm excited to blog soon about house projects and sewing projects, for now, these pics of Waikiki life will have to do!

Every Friday night, there are fireworks on the beach. It's beautiful here, you guys. It was fun to get to use my camera at night, for a change!

Today, the kids and I went to Bishop Museum and bought a family membership. Totally worth it, the place is really big with several buildings to explore and the kids had a BLAST there. The science activity center was super cool, with a lot of eduction about volcanoes and Hawaiian plants and animals. We also saw the planetarium show. We didn't even get to the other buildings! They're excited to go back.

When we got back to the hotel, the Marine Corp band was playing in the courtyard! Super cool!
 That tree's name is Gus, by the way. He's famous ;)
 Annnnd, then it was quiet time :)
Off to the pool! Pray for us! 14 more days!!


  1. You light a candle during quiet time...genius!!!

  2. Looooove the night-time shadow picture <3 Praying for you Nikki. You can do it. Getting out and about is the key right now because a home isn't calling to you and "tying" you down. Been to the North Shore yet?? Find Mr. Matsamoto's Shave ice when you go.

  3. Great post!! Loved all the pics, but especially the footprints in the sand :)