Tuesday, May 19, 2009


It's over!!!!! Casey graduated college with degrees in Music Education and Music Composition on Sunday after a big celebratory bash on Saturday. I am SO proud of him and of us and of our little family. It feels so good to have finished what we started. There were times when we didn't know if we should continue, but we are both SO happy that we did. I hope we can be living proof to others that this can be done in whatever stage of life. This degree has opened up a life for us that would not have been possible otherwise. Casey is now an officer in the US Army and we will be moving on after the summer to a new chapter! Yay!

The ceremony was super long, but I couldn't stop smiling anyway :)
Gramma bought the grand kids patriotic dresses to go with our party theme on Saturday. These are my girls with their cousin Jillian playing Ring around the rosie. Do you see Layla's arm muscle in this picture?? Wow, she looks ripped :)
I LOVE this one of Layla and her second cousin Hunter. They had so much fun together that day.
And this one of me and Natalie :)
And, I can't leave you without a little centerpiece how-to :) I needed a cheap decorating solution. I made these pinwheels and had six mason jars on hand. I didn't want to buy a bunch of marbles to fill them up, so I dyed some rice red and blue and used that instead. I LOVE how they turned out. The dowel sticks are super cheap, I think I got a pack of 30 (already cut) for $1.99 and I used 5 sheets of two-sided 12x12 paper, so I really only had about six or eight bucks in this. Here's what to do: Put a bunch of rice in a bowl, add some drops of food coloring and get to stirrin'. Pour it out onto a baking sheet and spread it out to let it dry. There ya go! This rice and pinwheel idea would be cute for any party, so try some different colors! These are already making the rounds to decorate two other parties so far :)


  1. congrats to you and Casey! What an accomplishment!

    The pinwheels are so so cute! Love them.

  2. YAY! I'm so happy for the two of you. On a side note, you look AMAZING girl!