Sunday, September 21, 2008

More Big Girl Stuff

So Natalie went to Awana tonight! Yay! Aunt Teddi and Uncle Mike called a few weeks ago and asked if they could start picking her up and taking her to Awana at our church on Sunday nights. I was concerned that she wouldn't want to go somewhere without me or Casey or Layla, but I asked her this morning and she seemed excited to go, so off she went. No missing me or anything! She's such a big girl and I was missing her way too much while she was gone! I'm glad we're planning on homeschooling, because you can imagine how I would handle the Kindergarten drop-off. Anyway, she came home quoting her first Bible memory verse and it is just so precious that I had to take a video of it to post here.

Also, just to prove that I have not forgotten about this color wheel quilt, I marked the quilting lines today! It really took all day because I did it in between rocking a baby, changing diapers, building tents, feeding kiddos, etc... This three little one thing sure eats into my sewing time ;) I have to get some batting for it, maybe Tuesday, so again, it's put on hold.

One more thing, totally unrelated. I got this baby sling with a baby gift card from Aunt Teddi and just have to do a little write-up about it because I think it's totally AWESOME. I have had two other slings and two front-pack carriers in the past and hated them all (with the exeption of the Baby Biorn I found at the consignment store, but even that has been tossed across the room once or twice for being such a puzzle to put on.) Anyway, this sling is not bulky like my others, so the baby doesn't drown in fabric, it fits in my diaper bag and doesn't make me sweat. It's easy to use and so comfortable and I just love it and so does Kelby. There ya go.

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  1. I must have missed your last post on the color wheel quilt. I'm in awe! I've been wanting to make one ever since the book previews came out. Yours is gorgeous!