Thursday, November 1, 2007

Moo, Twirl

Here are some pictures of my little moo-cow and ballerina from last night's Harvest Festival. If Layla is not the cutest thing you've ever seen in this costume, I don't know what is! I made it out of a white sweatshirt, the hat and ears are made from the sleeves. It came together pretty quick. I asked Natalie if she wanted to be a cow too and she said, "No, silly, Mommy. I'm gonna be a ballerina- princess-mermaid!" We settled for just a ballerina :) She really enjoyed herself at the party. Her favorite thing was the face-painting, by far. After she got both cheeks done, she asked for something on her nose, and then on both hands too. Then, she won a plate of cookies in the cake walk and played some other games for candy, balls, kazoos and some other tiny trinkets that may provide days of entertainment!

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