Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Here are some Easter pictures, as promised! We had a great time down in Colorado City. We had the egg hunt inside Nana and Papa's house since it was so cold outside. Natalie collected the least amount of eggs because every time she found one, she'd empty the change out and put it in her jacket pocket before moving on. Easter morning, she got her Easter basket, had tons of fun with the new Mr. Potato Head and then I put both girls in their Easter outfits and took this picture with their bunny ears on. (Thank you Aunt Carol!) We then went to church, where Natalie got even more eggs and we headed home after service. Whew! It was all so much fun, but it is easy to overlook the true point of Ressurection Day when there is so much going on. Next year, I want to try harder to make Christ's Ressurection central in our celebration, even while having fun with the eggs and baskets!

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